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PFLEGE - Anti-Dekubitus-Matratze im Gitterstil-Luftmatratze


Modell: CCTM 01 anti decubitus mattress


Spezifikationen Anti-Dekubitus-Matratze
Hohe Qualität; angemessener Preis
Spezialisiert auf die Lieferung von Luftmatratzen
CE FDA TUV ISO13485/9001

PFLEGE-- Anti-Dekubitus-Matratzengitter-Luftmatratze;
Title CARE-- anti decubitus mattress lattice style air mattress


1,For the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage I in long term and domiciliary therapies
2, Economical type
3,1307CM –high bubble cells made in PVC offers maximum comfort
4,Extra flaps on both the top and bottom side for secured fitting to the bed
5,Quite pump; adjustable comfort range with easy operating control knob
Status changed and scattered of body pressure

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions without flaps(L×W×H) : 200×90×7cm
Flaps length:50cm+50cm (Top &Bottom Side)
Cell height: 7cm/2.7”
Mattress material: EN71 Medical- Grade PVC
Material thinness:0.35mm
Number of cells:130
Cold- resistamt: -30Degrees
Weight support:100kg
Mattress Forming Model: One-Time Forming(8S)
Test Duration:24 Hours(Inflation)

Technical Parameters of the pump,

the best pump in China:

Electrical:AC110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Pressure range:50-105 mmHg
Air output:4-6 liter/min
Cycle time: 6 min
Plastic Casing: Taiwan Chimei ABS
Test Duration:24 hours
TUV; FDA;ISO9001/13485

Our Advantages 1. Recognizable brand----CARE
2. Adjustable hangers to suit any kind of hospital bed frame
3. High Quality Rubber Tube ;
4. 24 years specialize in medical equipment supply
5. High quality and competitive price and professional experts

The medical air mattresses in this section are ideal for home use. These alternating pressure mattresses heal and prevent bedsores. These medical mattress systems come with the air mattress, pump and cover. Additional accessories are available for these products as well.

                                                                                                                                                                               This hospital mattress offers optimal support and comfort with an emphasis on managing patients at risk for heel pressure ulcers. With a gently sloping heel section, and channel cuts in the middle layer of foam heel pressure off-loading and comfort are maximized and protected.

More about CARE

Alternating pressure pads (air mattress overlays) are a great way to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. These alternating pressure pads are light weight and compact. They are great for travel and are easy to install. They are an alternative to heavier products such as gel overlay mattresses. Alternating pressure pads are designed to fit over an existing hospital bed or mattress.


To ensure the healthy, independent and joy life in our homes and communities, we specialize in supplying home healthcare medical equipments under our brand CARE. Our products largely focus on the home care field, helping the elderly or disabled retain their independence and dignity in the daily life. Our product lines have extended from wheelchairs to power electric wheelchair shower chair,commode chair, lift cahir hospital beds and so on.

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Our quality products, international expertise and efficient logistics service add to our reputation. We are always improving ourselves to be your quality home healthcare supplier!
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